About me

I’m Bill Richards, a multidisciplinary designer based in Atlanta, GA, US.

I’ve worked on everything from integrated ad campaigns to corporate identity to murals, most recently at WarnerMedia/Turner’s in-house creative agency, where I put the “fun” in “small cross-functional design team.”

Right now I’m looking for a full-time senior-level creative position at a non-criminal business entity.


My bag of tricks

1. I make shit look cool so that people will want to look at it. Want to shamelessly pander to millennials and zoomers? I can help.

2. I take a systematic approach to both designing campaigns and building files in order to make it easy to collaborate.

3. I treat design as storytelling with an audience-centered mindset, so the right people pay attention to the right thing at the right time.

4. I’m always trying to learn on the job, be it new software, project types or techniques.

5. I pay attention to the details in order to save time and energy for everyone else down the line.

6. I like working behind the scenes on design team systems, processes and tools that reduce frustration, burnout and inefficiency. 

Interested in working together? Wanna cyberbully me? Get in touch.