TBS Upfront Show GFX

Client: TBS

Role: Chief Sharpie Operator

Categories: design, illustration

Hand lettering for a section of TBS’s Upfront presentation in 2015 at Madison Square Garden, NYC.

For those who don’t know, Upfronts are fancy stage productions where network execs unveil their upcoming slate of programming to advertisers every spring. It’s basically DragonCon for media/adsales guys.

Drew the lettering with Sharpie on computer paper several dozen times before arriving at a satisfactorily scribbly iteration. I then digitized it and handed it over to the production team.

Word cloud drawn on paper and digitized by me. Somebody else did the rest.

Another instance featuring my hand-scribbled “NEW.” The window in the center is a placeholder for the live camera feed of the speaker.

My view from the back of house.